Technology areas that we cover:

- Smart home automation
- Internet of Things (IoT)
- Automotive Embedded Systems
- e-Health
- Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Systems
- Robotics
- Speech recognition and enhancement
- Data Centres technology

We specialize in providing our clients with smart and robust technical solutions, that are custom engineered for their requirements. Our team can address complex adaptive problems, while productively and creatively delivering products of the highest possible value.  Our project management practices cover the development of customised solutions, designed meticulously from the ground up, requiring a blend of consistent, proven structure with project specific creativity. We follow clear principles of quality development and use common milestones as a basis for our development processes. To ensure we get real world feedback as early as possible, we’ll split your project into a number of sub-projects so that you can “go live” in stages. 

Our team qualifications:

- Embedded systems SW & HW architecture analysis and design
- Software development and integration on microcontrollers / DSPs
- Audio DSP algorithms Research & Development
- Hardware prototyping
- Real time SW development and optimizations
- Automated verification and test harness development
- Firmware release and updates management
- Brushless Motor Controllers
- Mechnical parts CAD and simulation
- Hybrid Apps development
- SW Architectural design and optimisation
- Data Centre Technology Migration Planning
- Strategic risk analysis
- Forensic data centre audits